HydroTap towers above all others

 14 Aug 2015

The Gherkin, which has already become visual shorthand for the Capital and marks an evolution in architecture, is one of the city’s most innovative buildings, both in terms of its aesthetics and eco-friendly services. The design maximises daylight and natural ventilation so that it uses 50% of the energy typically required by a similar sized office block.

The Gherkin is home to Kirkland Ellis, a large corporate law firm on the 22nd floor, representing global clients. Within its intricately designed atria, several breakout areas have been specially constructed offering the opportunity for rest, relaxation and refreshment

Kirkland Ellis considered various options for the provision of boiling and chilled drinking water, but felt that working in such an innovative environment they should consider the design value of any such products and so decided on the Zip HydroTap.

HydroTaps are providing the ultimate in drinking water convenience to staff and clients at 30 St Mary Axe, often referred to as the ‘Gherkin’, in London – the ultimate in architecture on the London Skyline. They sit very well with the ‘eco-friendly’ design value of the building since all of the functions are energy-efficient, designed to conserve power and therefore delivering cost and environmental savings. Research by Aston University showed the Zip HydroTap to be up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle.


Contractors BPR Interiors installed the largest of the boiling and chilled models, suitable for the provision of drinking water to up to 75 people.

The product can be mounted either at the side of a sink as in fig.1 or on the specially designed tap font and drain as fig.2. This means that the designer has total flexibility when they are siting the HydroTap and can, if required create dedicated drinks areas.

HydroTap is available as boiling and chilled, boiling only or chilled only. All are supplied with a sophisticated submicron filtration system that delivers quality drinking water, removing bad taste and odour and limiting the effect of limescale. If the system is used in a hard water area, Zip also have a special filter which will eliminate limescale build up providing that the cartridge is replaced at 3000 litres.

To prevent accidental use of the boiling water facility there is a safety interlock device and this together with the ‘cool touch’ tap provides a safe environment for staff to access hot drinks. HydroTap also incorporates Power-Pulse™ energy saving technology, a programmable sleep modes and an integral 24/7 timer to drive down running costs and enable HydroTap to contribute to a greener environment.

The quality of Zip HydroTap is reflected in the standard of the companies that use them and the buildings in which they are installed.