Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

 18 Aug 2015

Zip InLine ES Instantaneous

Laurence Fowles, Senior Project Manager of Sheffield Foundation NHS Trust says “We installed 10 Zip ES4 InLine instantaneous point of use water heaters into the GP Collaborative department at Northern General Hospital, to reduce standing losses. The building is a standalone unit which had two large hot water storage calorifiers within its self contained plantroom. We eliminated the need for hot water storage, thus reducing standing losses and pressure vessel insurance inspections. The ES units proved so successful that we have installed several more around the Trust because of the aforementioned reasons and to reduce the risk of legionella which is associated with conventional water heating methods.

We are currently embarking upon a project to install a further 20 more units into the Ultrasound/CT/MRI department at the Northern General Hospital which allows us to isolate an exceptionally long length of hot water flow and return pipework, enabling the estates department to make considerable energy savings.”


Zip continue to lead the way in hot water technology with new additions to the InLine range of instantaneous water heaters.

All newly introduced InLine products feature Bare Wire technology bringing all the benefits of control, comfort and efficiency, that have been enjoyed for many years on the continent, to users in the UK .

Zip InLine ES, CEX, DEX and DBX ranges all benefit from the advantages of Bare Wire technology.

Bare wire technology

Unlike traditional instantaneous water heating products where the heating element is enclosed in a heat exchanger, bare wire products see the heating element directly immersed in the water flow path. This allows heat to be transmitted directly to the water, giving significantly greater efficiency and a much quicker heat up time, typically less than 2 seconds.

The mass of traditional elements and heat exchangers absorbs a significant amount of energy before water is delivered at a usable temperature. This energy is allowed to dissipate after use or can cause temperature spikes when more water is drawn off. Bare wire technology prevents these issues from occurring providing the most energy efficient means of heating water electrically.

The quick reaction time of bare wire technology, coupled with Zip InLine electronic control systems that only apply exactly the power necessary to achieve the required temperature, ensure accurate temperature control with the most efficient use of energy.

Meticulous design in accordance with industry standards for bare wire technology ensures complete protection as attested by VDE approval to the appropriate safety directives.

Smart design

The units’ compact size enables them to fit neatly and unobtrusively in any location. 

Advanced electronic control 

Power to the heating element is regulated to ensure that the required outlet temperature is achieved precisely*, regardless of the incoming water temperature and pressure.