PriceWaterhouseCoopers Roll-out Zip HydroTaps

 18 Aug 2015

PriceWaterhouseCoopers is one of the world’s largest professional services firms with 30 offices throughout the UK. Maintaining high standards in working conditions and employee satisfaction has always been a key component in the success of this expanding organisation, so conducting regular staff surveys helps to identify areas of possible improvement.

One area identified for improvement was the provision for hot and cold drinks in staff break-out zones and meeting rooms. Traditionally serviced by vending machines, staff complained that the quality of beverage on offer was disappointing and the temperature and ingredients of the final product were often unsatisfactory.
PwC implemented a number of remedial solutions, including a proprietary coffee franchise in the larger offices and better quality vending machines in the smaller buildings.

With subsequent staff surveys revealing a continued dissatisfaction for the new drinks provisions, Directors were keen to find a solution that ticked all the boxes for energy efficiency as well as taste, temperature and convenience.


The Solution

Zip, the world leading provider of instant boiling water products, offered PriceWaterhouseCoopers the complete solution to supplying instant boiling and chilled filtered water for drinks provision. Meeting all the right standards for energy efficiency, the HydroTap was the ideal solution for creating a sleek and contemporary drinks station compared to large vending machines - giving staff the boiling or chilled filtered water required to make drinks to suit their individual tastes.

Upon commencement of the installations engineers checked that adequate electrical and water supplies were in situ close to the intended installation sites. In many instances, the
HydroTaps were being installed in areas that were already used for the making of drinks, meaning the right utilities were already in place.

Jon Barnes, Head of Building and Facilities Services for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, said:

“After installing a Zip HydroTap in one location, news of the improved facility spread quickly and they now form part of our rolling refurbishment programme with over 50 units now in place.”

“As well as our refurbishments, HydroTaps are also being installed in our newly built central London locations. Here, energy efficiency and aesthetics are key and Zip’s products meet the criteria perfectly.

Working with the architects throughout the specification stage of PriceWaterhouseCoopers new build London offices, Zip were able to ensure that the right water and electricity supplies were built into the overall design. Advising the contractors whilst they were on-site meant that the installation of the new HydroTaps could be conducted as efficiently as possible, with the relevant holes being cut into the worktops in advance of the Zip engineers fitting and commissioning the units.

Jon concludes: “Getting rid of the vending machines in our break-out zones and meeting areas has given us more space with the HydroTaps allowing staff to bring in their own choice of tea, coffee or cold beverage. The latest staff survey has shown some really positive improvements, which are sure to increase as more of our sites have Zip HydroTaps installed.”

In addition to the 50 taps installed throughout the regional offices, PwC has installed 18 HydroTaps in its latest central London location, ‘More London’, which is a vibrant new business community opposite the world famous Tower Bridge. Furthermore, another 10-20 HydroTaps are planned for the development of its new head quarters in the capitals’ prestigious Embankment district.