The perfect case for London legal firm

 14 Aug 2015

Allen & Overy, world leading law firm, following complaints from employees about the quality of hot drinks and drinking water in general, replaced 80 mains fed water machines with 40 Zip HydroTaps. The installation at the firm’s Bishops Square offices in London has provided the perfect solution to staff protests, fuelled mainly by the
fact that hot water provided was not at a high enough temperature to make tea.

Paul King, Head of Hospitality at Allen & Overy explained, “The provisions we had in place for hot water were unsatisfactory, but we didn’t want to sacrifice valuable space by installing counter top boiling water dispensers. We really wanted to be able to provide boiling and chilled water from the same unit mainly to save us space, so
we were looking specifically for an integrated solution. For these reasons the HydroTap was ideal, it could be installed at the side of the sink, which meant we didn’t have to sacrifice worksurface space or install drainage.”

Around 2,500 staff work at the Bishops Square office in London, creating high demand for hot and cold drinks during the working day. Ensuring staff and clients needs are met is a mammoth task, one which the HydroTap is more than able to tackle. Delivering freshly filtered chilled and boiling water from the same tap at the touch of a button, ensures exceptional quality hot and cold drinks are available on demand – something that’s vital in a fast-moving environment such as a global law firm. Commenting on staff demand Paul King said, “We have a number of coffee machines on the premises, however, the temperature of hot water required to make coffee is much lower than that needed to make tea – for this reason staff weren’t able to make a satisfactory cuppa.

When you’re dealing with a large number of employees, demand is high. This can make for a lot of complaints and, believe it or not, this can also affect staff morale. The HydroTap has been well received by everyone, it’s beautiful as well as practical - it does exactly what we wanted it to do.”

The ultimate in drinking water convenience, the chrome plated HydroTap is beautifully elegant and in keeping with the most modern business interiors. The HydroTap offers solutions for all applications - a full range of different models are available to suit all requirements.