Top tips for reducing plastic use in the home

 24 May 2018

Across the globe, the focus of 2018 attitudes are changing towards how we use plastic and how to cut down on its waste for a cleaner, brighter future. The BBC’s Blue Planet series last year brought about the wake-up call the world had been waiting for, opening everyone’s eyes to the staggering amount of damage plastic use is doing to the environment. So, it came as no surprise when the Earth Day 2018 theme was announced as ‘End Plastic Pollution’. As part of the push for change, here at Zip Water UK we’ve been finding out about the little changes you can make in your home which could help our planet in a big way.  

Something that has come to light recently is the damaging effects of single use plastics. Only usable for a short time, these will then break down into the harmful and polluting microplastics that are infiltrating our water systems. However, there is hope! Despite being some of the most polluting, single use plastics, like cling film and sandwich bags, are all items that can easily be replaced in the home. Just as it is far more sustainable, and often cheaper these days, to take canvas bags shopping instead of buying plastic ones, it is far more worthwhile to swap out plastics in the home for long-term sustainable options.

Easy swaps include keeping leftover food in jars or bowls with plates on top in the fridge, or buying reusable sandwich wraps, to keep food fresh. Supermarket packaging consists of large amounts of plastic, why not consider shopping at the market for loose fruit and vegetables?

It’s not only the packaging your groceries comes wrapped in that’s a problem – there are unnecessary plastics added to your food and drink. For instance, tea bags are sealed with plastic so going back to loose-leaf tea could be the way forward. Other easy things to try include plastic-free cleaning, saying no to straws in cafes and restaurants or using reusable coffee cups instead of disposable.

Last year approximately one million bottles were sold per minute, and less than half of those were recycled, so one of the most important changes you can make is to stop buying bottled water. No longer buying bottled drinks could also be beneficial to your health as well as to the environment. After recent research from Orb Media revealed that bottled water contains microplastics, tiny plastic fibres that can’t be seen with the naked eye, you might have become slightly more wary of the bottled drinks you have been drinking from anyway. Simply by carrying a reusable drinking bottle with you and re-filling at the ever-growing number of ‘refill stations’ situated around the country you can help reduce the truck-loads of plastics being dumped in our oceans and landfills every day.

Furthermore, if you refill your bottle from a Zip HydroTap you can still have the same fresh, pure taste without the waste or the worry of what’s in your water. The 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration technology ensures that microplastics larger than 10 microns, the width of a hair, will not pass from your drinking water supply into your morning coffee.

Here at Zip Water UK we’re doing our best to make sure 2018 is the year that we help our customers reduce their plastic bottle waste. We encourage investing in a Zip HydroTap as not only as a stylish option for your home or office, but also a sustainable one; to find out more about how you can help save the planet, and maybe even save some money in the long run click here to browse our full range of HydroTaps.