Zip HydroTap moves in to a Bed and Breakfast

 14 Aug 2015

Stowe Farm Bed & Breakfast in Marlow, Buckinghamshire is a busy family run business that often caters for up to eight people at a time. With only one kettle to service the breakfast room as well as the family home. The owner, Jo Belcher, turned to Zip Heaters for an instant boiling water solution that would help to serve breakfast quickly and conveniently.

“Before our HydroTap was installed, we had to re-boil the kettle numerous times in one breakfast sitting,” says Jo, “I knew that this wasn’t environmentally friendly at all and that it was increasing my monthly fuel bills too. A friend recommended that I purchased an instant boiling water tap and when I discovered that Zip Heaters offer a HydroTap which delivers instant filtered boiling and chilled water in one tap, I knew this would be perfect for our requirements.”

The Solution

A site investigation revealed that the guest house was located in a hard water area of the Chiltern Hills. Therefore, in order for the bed and breakfast to benefit fully from a new HydroTap, an optional Zip FL3000 filter would need to be added to the under-counter system to combat the effects of limescale.

Jo continued: “I was delighted to find out that not only could the Zip HydroTap provide my guests with the option of chilled drinking water in addition to boiling water for teas and coffees teas, but the water would be filtered and great tasting too.”

Zip offers comprehensive service and maintenance contracts and for Stowe Farm this was the perfect solution to keeping the HydroTap at maximum efficiency.

Jo concludes: “We rely on the HydroTap every day. Knowing that the system is being managed and the filtered changed regularly gives us peace of mind that the water we are serving to our guests is as fresh as possible. Knowing the Zip team is at the end of the phone should we ever need them is extremely reassuring but, as yet, we’ve had no problems at all!”

Tapping into Efficiency

The Zip HydroTap offers a number of energy efficient functions, including an ‘Inactivity’ sleep mode, which when used puts the unit into sleep mode when boiling water has not been drawn off for 2 hours. This reduces the water temperature down to 65oC, with the boiling cycle resuming at the next draw off. Additional operating efficiencies can also be gained from use of the HydroTap’s 24/7 timer function, which enables the entire system to be switched off ‘out of hours’ whilst ensuring it is fully operational for the first draw off of the day.