Zip HydroTap offers Cutting Edge Design at D P World

 14 Aug 2015

DP World operates in over 20 countries around the world and employs over 30,000 people and is one of the global leaders in marine terminal operation. Its London offices at 16 Palace Street has recently undergone refurbishment and a number of Zip HydroTaps have been installed. The office handles a host of corporate functions such as tax, accounting, IT and pension management.

Chris Rogers, Head of Facilities explained, “It was important that the redesign created a beautifully ergonomic work environment, and incorporated some of the company’s history, which is displayed elegantly throughout the building. It was also imperative that the offices included discreet break-out areas where members of staff could make themselves hot and cold drinks. HydroTap was chosen because of the variety of benefits such as style, design, and delivery of instant boiling or chilled water at the touch of a

The Zip HydroTap provides boiling water at 98˚C, the optimum temperature for making perfect tea and coffee, as well as reconstituting soups and other foods. For users preferring healthy drinking water, chilled water is instantly
available at the touch of a lever, without wasting water by running the tap. Both the boiling and chilled water is filtered using Zip’s submicron filtration providing water of the highest quality.

Because it eliminates the need for kettles and bottled water, HydroTap will pay for itself, as well as making a contribution to decreasing the carbon footprint of a building.

Independent tests carried out by Aston University, showed that Zip HydroTap was 40% more energy efficient than a kettle in a like for like comparison over a 24 hour test period.

The ultimate in drinking water convenience, the chrome plated HydroTap is elegant and in keeping with the most modern business interiors. It offers solutions for various applications, a range to suit all requirements.