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Register your HydroTap

Get access to experts for advice and support and exclusive offers by registering your HydroTap. You can access a handy QR code in your command centre menu or register online now.

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Using your new HydroTap

Watch a quick video on how to operate your new HydroTap- from what the buttons mean to simple settings to adjust on the command centre.

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Customise your HydroTap settings

To finetune your HydroTap to your preferences, watch a step by step guide on the controls of your command centre. You can see how to enable energy saving mode, temperature settings, dispensing times and more on the quick video.

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Changing your filter & CO2

To ensure you continue to enjoy pure-tasting water, we recommend changing your filter when your system flashes a reminder, or every 12 months in residential use, whichever occurs first.

If you have a sparkling unit, the G5 command centre will also show when CO2 gas is running low.

You can purchase a genuine Zip Water filter & CO2 sparkling replacement cartridges online and we have made it easy to DIY with how to videos to guide you through the process.

Our service technicians are also available for filter and CO2 replacements (charges apply).

Purchase your filter and CO2

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Access our experts to maintain and service your HydroTap

When you have a Zip HydroTap, you get access to our Zip service team for all your water needs. Our highly skilled network of mobile technicians and friendly customer service team are here to help keep your Zip products in top working order.

From filter and CO2 changes, proactive maintenance and repairs, our expert service is only a click away.

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Zip certified technician HydroCare

HydroCare service plans

For ultimate peace of mind, Zip Water offers professional regular maintenance of your system with a comprehensive range of HydroCare packages covering every maintenance requirement, actioned by our certified service technicians.

With everything you need to enjoy pure-tasting water, HydroCare ensures your HydroTap not only remains in perfect condition but operates at peak performance.

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High customer satisfaction

We take pride in our customer satisfaction- 80% of customers have rated our Zip Water service technicians 9 or 10 out of 10, demonstrating that we continue to deliver a high standard of customer satisfaction.

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