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Instantaneous Electric Hot Water

Beneficial to both your budget and the environment, IEHW offers a very effective means of delivering instant and continuous hot water within residential and commercial projects. Heated at the point of use and only utilised when needed Zip water heaters are the top choice of consultants, office and shop fitters, engineers and developers.


Whether heating water for a small basin or high flow multi-point kitchen, there’s a Zip instantaneous hot water product to suit.

  • The Zip InLine E Series is a small unit for a low-flow single point hand wash, such as a single basin, from 30ºC to 45ºC.
  • The Zip InLine C Series is better suited to medium flow multi-point bathrooms or and kitchens, offering temperature settings from 30ºC to 55ºC. (60º C models also available).
  • The Zip InLine D Series is ideal for high flow, multi-point bathrooms, kitchens and washrooms and laundries, offering temperature settings from 20ºC to 60ºC. (20ºC to 55ºC for DEX models).


The Tudor system leads the way in delivery of hot water to single point of use remote sinks or tubs. With a choice of over or under-sink configurations Tudors offer full external temperature control ranging from 35ºC to 80ºC, the choice of 5 or 10 litre storage heaters and don’t require a safe tray. Both cost effective and energy efficient, the open-outlet tap ware for the under-sink models (sold separately) are WRAS approved.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Water-heating products are the second largest consumers of energy out of all household appliances, using around 23% of household energy. Much more energy efficient than power-hungry storage hot water systems, IEHW reduces costs and greenhouse gas emissions by keeping heat and water loss to a minimum. Heating water on demand and at the point of use means IEHW saves energy by eliminating standby usage and heat loss from stored hot water, as well as eliminating the water and heat loss that occurs in long pipes. Economical flow rates act to reduce the overall amount of hot water consumed and IEHW only heat water to the required temperature for additional energy savings.


With no safe tray, flue or ventilation required, IEHW is quick and simple to install and takes up very little space. There’s a model for every requirement and those limited to 50ºC or below don’t require a tempering valve.

60ºC models are available for applications where temperature limitation isn’t required or for use with Zip HORNE Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) where required by AS3500 (plumbing standards).


All units come with a one-year full parts and labour warranty. Conditions apply.

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