Wall Mounted


Make healthy, filtered water accessible to everyone with a ChillFountain. These wall-mounted bubblers are designed for busy areas as well as small spaces and use the world-class Zip GlobalPlusĀ® 0.2 micron filtration system.

  • The only Australian designed and manufactured wall mounted filtered water chiller with 'electronic touch buttons".
  • Lockable front panel with built in Filter Change reminder LED
  • 28 litres/hour (140 glasses per hour)
  • Available in single or double tier configuration for adult/child/wheelchair use


Ideal for when space is limited, the recessed design offers instant chilled filtered water in busy places, such as corridors and small kitchens. Equipped with both a carafe filler and bubbler the case is stainless steel and features lockable front panel access.

  • 0.2 micron Filtered.
  • Wall recessed water chiller ideal for busy corridors
  • 28 litres/hour (140 glasses per hour)
  • Bubbler and carafe filler

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