Enjoy Your Water with a Crystal Clear Conscience

The Zip HydroTap performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability helping you reduce energy usage both at work and at home. Through intelligent design and smarter water, we believe we can dramatically reduce waste and carbon emissions.

No More Wasted Water

Zip’s best-in-class cooling technology means that no water is wasted, as can be the case with other methods. Independent testing by UNSW Global indicates that water cooled units waste up to 900ml filtered drinking water for every 1L of chilled water dispensed#. No water is wasted with the Zip HydroTap.

Less Plastic Bottle Waste

As well as energy and water savings, your environmental footprint is reduced by eliminating the need for bottled water. In the workplace, the Zip HydroTap could eliminate 500 large plastic bottles per year from your waste and could result in a potential saving of over $5,500 per year*. Enjoy chilled filtered water and sparkling water while reducing plastic bottle wastage and transport costs such as fuel consumption.

Power Saving, Power-Pulse™

Zip Power-Pulse™ technology maintains stored boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature, meaning no water is wasted waiting for it to heat up. Additional power-saving features allow the HydroTap to be turned off completely for weekday or weekend periods, and automatic power-down or power-off control the device after two hours of non-use. A hidden light sensor sends the appliance to sleep when the room goes dark.

Zip for a Healthy Planet

Zip is more than just environmentally aware; the Zip organisation is completely and genuinely committed to responsible environmental management. As a result of our dedication, Zip industries has become the first and only Australian manufacturer to be accredited with the internationally recognised standards of ISO14001 – Environmental Systems Compliance, ISO9001 – Quality management System and AS/NZS4801 – Workplace Health & Safety System.

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