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Upon purchasing this product, our customer care team will contact you to discuss the following requirements:

  • Is the Zip unit onsite?
  • Sufficient Power Supply - 1 x 10 amp (within 1 metre of the installation location)
  • Water available to unit
  • Is stone bench cutting required?
  • Will your Zip unit be installed over a font or sink?
  • Sufficient space available in cabinetry - available in the product install guide


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Experience water at its best with the HydroTap Classic Plus in bright chrome, providing instant filtered boiling water for your home.

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Product Details

The world's most advanced drinking water system, the HydroTap Classic Plus delivers instant filtered boiling water for your home. From a single tap and under counter command centre, the Classic Plus dispenses only the purest tasting water, filtered to a market-leading 0.2 micron - 25 times more effective than a standard water filter jug. To prioritise user safety in the family kitchen, the HydroTap doesn't splash or spit when dispensing water, and features two boiling water safety modes and a cool to touch tap. What's more, the HydroTap features superior technology to conserve water while saving energy and time.


HydroTap Classic Plus bright chrome
Water Pressure
Min 1.7 bar - Max 5 bar
Water Connection
1/2" BSP
Water Supply Requirements
Water Valves
Integrated dual check valve
Power Rating
1.43kW 230v 50/60 Hz
Power Supply
1 x 13 amp
W280mm x D313mm x H333mm
Product Approvals
Appliance warranty 24 months plus additional 36 months boiling tank warranty


  • Quick Guide
  • Tap Operation Label
  • Instruction Manual
  • User Manual
  • Additional Information


  • Product Brochure


Installation Requirements

'1. Installation and connection of your Zip HydroTap must be carried out by a qualified person, observing national and local regulations.2. You will require suitable mains electrical and drinking water connections, plus waste water drainage all within 1 metre of the product.3. HydroTap is air-cooled so discrete cabinetry cut-outs are required for ventilation.4. Installation on most bench tops is straightforward however some stone bench tops may require a specialised cutting service.5. If you live in a hard water area, we recommend installation of a Zip scale filtration kit.6. Installation by Zip Professional Service can be arranged with a phone call or through www.zipindustries.co.uk'


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BIM Files

  • ArchiCAD Zenith Water Library
  • AutoCAD Plan
  • IFC