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Instant Refreshment for your Business

Flexible, reliable and perfect for high-demand situations

Zip is proud to bring you a new range of chilled water products for medium to large office locations and commercial settings where large volumes of drinking water are required.
Zip HydroChill is a range of flexible, high-capacity, chilled water systems which completely remove the need for unsustainable, expensive plastic water bottles. So, high-quality hydration for employees and guests not only means a healthier, more productive workplace* but a greener business.

*1% dehydration results in 12% drop in productivity. Wasterlund et al 2004.
  • Instant filtered, chilled & sparkling water
  • Provides up to 280 litres of chilled water per hour
  • Rental option
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Choice of on-counter or under-counter products

The Benefits of HydroChill

  • Wellbeing
    As well as encouraging increased hydration and therefore productivity, HydroChill also eliminates tiny contaminants thanks to its 3 micron Zip MicroPurity filtration system.
  • Pure Water Instantly
    Your choice of water options available at the touch of a button or handle.
  • No More Plastic
    Requiring nothing more than a mains connection, HydroChill means no more unsustainable plastic bottles.
  • Cost Effective
    Low maintenance and costs thanks to long-life filters and dedicated aftercare programme.

From the World Leaders in Commercial Drinking Water Systems

With the ability to cater for as much filtered chilled, ambient and sparkling water as required, HydroChill offers a wide range of drinking water options, no matter the size of your organisation. Unlike some other counter-top or under-counter chillers, which only cater for a limited number of cups an hour, HydroChill has the capability to provide up to 280 litres of chilled or sparkling water an hour from a single unit.

HydroChill Counter Top HC10

High Capacity Drinking Water System

90, 120 or 200 litre per hour options

Product Features

With the option of having chilled and ambient or chilled, ambient and sparkling filtered water, this counter-top product features touch-button controls for ease of use.

Capacities available (litres per hour): 30 / 45
Bottles per hour: 40 / 60

Key Features:

  • Water options - chilled and ambient or chilled, ambient and sparkling
  • Compact, brushed stainless steel design
  • Zip MicroPurity high capacity filtration included as standard on all models
  • Portion control: as standard on all touch button models
  • UV filtration system available on selected models


Under-Counter HC50

Premium Drinking Water Solutions

Sparkling, chilled or ambient

Product Features

For installations that require the unit to be under-counter, HydroChill Under-Counter HC50 offers the ideal solution. The main unit is tucked away out of sight, and there is a choice of on-counter taps with either two or three spouts, or a touch-button control.

Capacities available: 60 / 80 / 150 / 280
Bottles per hour: 82 / 106 / 200 / 373

Key Features:

  • Water options - chilled and ambient, chilled and sparkling or chilled, ambient and sparkling
  • Choice of outlet: Column tap with two spouts, column tap with three spouts or touch button
  • Zip MicroPurity high capacity filtration included as standard on all models
  • Suitable for areas with limited counter space
  • UV filtration system available on selected models


  • Pure tasting, clean water

    Thanks to our 3 micron Zip MicroPurity filtration system, the water delivered if great-tasting and free from contaminants. An additional 'UV Out' feature eliminates any further bacteria on the dispensing tap.*

    *Available on selected models
  • Cool without the use of HFCs

    We are committed to only using the natural refrigerant gas R290, meaning customers can be sure they are using a product that has zero impact on the environment.
  • Professional table-top bottles available

    We offer glass table-top bottles which provide an elegant way of serving the crisp, clean-tasting water provided by HydroChill. Bespoke bottles available on request.
  • Aftercare tailored to HydroChill

    Our HydroCare package makes owning and maintaining HydroChill simple and stress-free.

  • Expertise
    With 70 years of experience and innovation behind us, Zip Water is a trusted brand when it comes to water delivery. In fact, our unrivalled expertise in filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps means we are known globally for being home to the world’s most advanced drinking water systems.
  • UK-wide Service
    We employee over 80 Zip-trained engineers, based throughout the UK, always on-hand to assist with any maintenance query.
  • Save Money
    Reduce maintenance costs thanks to long-life filters and save money on bottled water with Zip's bottle-free systems.
  • Save the Environment
    Not only do we help your business reduce plastic waste, but our filter cartridges are recyclable and we only use natural gas coolant.

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