Eradicate single-use plastic water bottles for good.

A perfect match for workforces of all sizes, our wide range of HydroChill dispensers offer sustainable bottle filling solutions that promote hydration and wellbeing. 

With floor standing, counter-top and under-counter chillers that can dispense highly filtered chilled, sparkling or ambient water in seconds, you’ll be able to create a healthier, more productive workforce, ultimately leading to a greener business.

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Drink responsibly.

The horrifying damage that plastic does to both the environment and our health has been well-publicised, with particular emphasis on the over-reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Choose to reduce your business' plastic waste with the installation of a HydroChill, available with additional Chilly’s bottles for staff and reusable glass bottles for meetings.

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Reuse, refill, refresh.

Good hydration is essential for our bodies and wellbeing – it affects concentration, mood, immunity and energy levels. Capable of providing up to 200 750ml bottles of pure-tasting filtered chilled, sparkling or ambient water an hour, the HydroChill provides an efficient bottle filling drinking water solution that ensures your workforce are never without water. 

With crystal clear water instantly available to refresh with, the HydroChill range creates a refill culture, boosting employee hydration, productivity and wellbeing.

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