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The next generation of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered tap water

Some brands only redesign, we innovate. The all new HydroTap, now in its 5th generation, has many benefits, using advanced technology and representing a number of innovations that deliver higher quality, increased efficiency and improved hygiene.

Our two latest tap designs – the Classic Plus with SteriTouch® touch-pad and the Touch Free Wave with 100% touch-free infrared sensor operation – paired with our intuitive command centre means we can offer the best ever drinking water system for your home or workplace.

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More than just an instant boiling water tap

Say goodbye to unsustainable bottled water and slow energy-guzzling kettles cluttering your countertops. Welcome to the convenience of cooking and making cups of tea and coffee with instant boiling water, not to mention the handiness of pouring a perfectly chilled still or sparkling glass of water whenever you need it, saving previous time.

Much more than just an instant hot water tap, the HydroTap has been designed to offer a convenient solution whether you want instant boiling, chilled or sparkling water, or a combination of all three. With the perfect balance of superior quality and outstanding convenience, you will find yourself drinking more water and improving wellbeing.


Innovative tap design and functionality

Our two latest tap designs – the Classic Plus and Touch Free Wave – have been pioneered to offer a more hygienic way of keeping hydrated. Smart infrared sensors work to detect your hand within 1.5-5cm of the Touch Free Wave for contactless water delivery, while SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment is in key components of the water path and in the new Classic Plus touchpad to ensure 99.99% of bacteria is killed.

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One tap that does it all

Leading the way in both performance and functionality, the clever under-counter system houses the latest and most innovative technology, from the intuitive command centre interface and protective boiling water safety lock to the water conserving air-cooled chilling system and customisable energy saving settings.

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Zip MicroPurity filtration delivers the purest-tasting tap water

Every Zip HydroTap features industry leading 0.2 micron MicroPurity™ filtration technology that filters out dirt, lead, cysts and microplastics. Offering 25 times more effective filtration than a standard water filter jug, the Zip HydroTap is the best of any instant filtered water tap in the world.

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Styles and finishes to suit both work and home

Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for function. Coming in a variety of finishes, the Zip HydroTap works to add style and substance when it comes to drinking water systems, with the ability to be customised to suit your needs for installation in the perfect place.

Environmentally responsible

Highest standards in environment responsibility and credentials

From our Power-Pulse energy saving technology to the ‘sleep’ function that reduces energy usage while not in use, the HydroTap is powered by our most energy efficient command centre yet. What’s more, the HydroTap now uses R290 refrigerant gas, which unlike other refrigerant gases, has zero impact on the environment.

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Say goodbye to plastic bottled water

With crystal clear, pure tasting water available straight from the tap, a Zip HydroTap will contribute towards the delivery of your business’ sustainability goals by promoting a refill culture as well as helping to reduce single-use plastic water bottles. 

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