There’s Nothing Like a Zip HydroTap

icon-hydrate-your-familyBoiling, chilled and sparkling water, any way you want it.

We offer widest choice of water options on the market. Choose your preferred combination of instant filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water plus unfiltered hot and cold water, or all five water types from one single tap. It's water, any way you want it.

icon-advanced-technologyAdvanced technology.

Advanced MicroPurity filtration offers 25 times better filtration than a standard water filter jug, delivering the purest tasting water from any instant filtered water tap in the world. And to top it off, the HydroTap is completely safe and easy to use, with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology.

icon-complement-your-styleFor home and work.

With HydroTap models for home and for work, you’ll be able to find you perfect drinking water solution from Zip. Our workplace HydroTaps can dispense up to 240 cups of boiling water and 175 cups of chilled and sparkling water per hour. Users benefit from touch-of-a-button convenience, saving precious time.

Configure Your HydroTap

Build your own HydroTap with this quick and easy to use product selector. It only takes a few simple clicks to find the perfect HydroTap for your kitchen or workplace.

Our UK Customers love it

All the bells and whistles

I have had my Zip Celsius Arc for approximately 6 months now and I could not be more excited about my purchase. My Zip tap has all the bells and whistles features which allow me to set timers to save on things like electricity, filter life span etc. I can set the water temperature to my liking so there is no need to wait for a cuppa to cool off. It has a touch screen pin coded protection function which is kind of liking having two iPhones, only it can't make phones calls which is probably a good thing otherwise I would take it everywhere. Installation was included in the price and was installed in a couple of hours. I haven't had any issues with my Zip tap to date and I cannot understand how I managed life during my bzt (before Zip tap) era. I highly recommend Zip taps to anyone and everyone I speak too, it will not disappoint and will change your life.

Gabriel Beach Home Owner

Water is the nectar of life

Water is absolutely essential to wellbeing, especially for myself as a busy editor, and as a yoga practitioner and teacher. When I’m well hydrated I think more clearly, have more energy and am better equipped to approach life’s challenges calmly.

I know that having a Zip HydroTap in the office encourages healthy drinking habits in me personally - from consuming at least the recommended amount of filtered, chilled water, to providing filtered boiling water for my many tea remedies - to soothe the nerves with chamomile, or a peppermint afternoon pick-me-up, for example. I feel super lucky to be able to enjoy a ready source of healthy water at my fingertips.

Nicky Lobo Habitus

Healthy convenience

I love my HydroTap because of the convenience of boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap. Our whole family drinks more water, and we know that’s good for us. In fact the chilled sparkling water is so refreshing it replaces the need for sugary drinks. And the tap looks great on my kitchen island.

Raymonde Montocchio Home Owner

You can't get better

I like it because boiling water is readily available. I also like the fact that my children go to that tap and drink the sparkling water and chilled water which has taken away the need for juice all the time and stuff that we don’t want them drinking. And of course it’s filtered water straight from the tap—you can’t get better.

David Bartlett Art of Kitchens

The benefits of convenience and functionality

I love incorporating a Zip HydroTap into my clients homes, not only does it prove to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen, it also encourages and provides a source of well being and a healthy lifestyle. With so many different material, finish and installation options it's so easy to specify a tap that really suits a clients needs and compliments the particular style or look they are hoping to achieve. It's perfect for any home owner that enjoys a practical, sleek and modern design with the benefits of convenience and functionality—one click of a button and you can enjoy instant, filtered water!

Shareen Joel SJ Design

I love my HydroTap!

I have had a Zip HydroTap installed for over 18 months. As a dietitian naturally I was aware of the importance of keeping well-hydrated but having the HydroTap at home, offering both still and sparking water has not only resulted in the entire family drinking more water but also helped us to kick our diet soft drink addiction altogether. Now everyone seeks our sparkling water as the fluid of choice and no one leaves the house without a water bottle full of great tasting filtered water. The HydroTap changed my life again after the birth of my twins earlier this year. Having filtered boiled water on tap has made life so much easier and it is the one thing I miss when we travel with small babies. I love that thing!

Susie Burrell Dietician