Warranty Policy


Our Goods and Services are supplied in accordance with our Standard Terms and Conditions. This Policy also applies if you have purchased any of the Goods and Services listed below. This Policy sets out the Warranty Period and exclusions which apply to the Goods and Services listed below. This Policy is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions and should be read in conjunction with those terms, particularly clause 5 of the Terms and Conditions.


Subject to the exclusions set out below and in Clause 5 of the Terms and Conditions, faulty parts and products will be replaced or repaired free of charge by Zip, or its Distributor or Service Provider in respect of those Goods and Services listed in the table below where such fault arises during the applicable Warranty Period.


  1. This policy only applies where:
    1. the product is installed and used strictly in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the instructions supplied with the product; and
    2. the failure is not due to accident, misuse, abuse, unsuitable water conditions (including contaminants or inappropriate water pressure), or to any alteration, modification or repair by any party not expressly nominated by Zip.
  2. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from non-operation of the product or consequential damage to any other goods, furnishings or property.
  3. This warranty does not apply to any consumables. Consequently, no warranty applies to the life of any filtration cartridge installed within the appliance as cartridge life may vary according to water quality and the rate of water consumption.
  4. Zip residential (for home) products are designed specifically for use in a domestic, residential location. Inappropriate installations, such as in a commercial environment (including residential care homes or medical facilities), will invalidate the warranty.
  5. The warranty does not cover products that installed outside of the UK and Ireland.

Warranty periods:



6 months

1 year

2 years

3 years

5 years

25 years

HydroTap G4 - Commercial






HydroTap G4 - Residential












HydroBoil and HydroBoil Plus












































Spare Parts*


















Refurbished Goods






*Spare parts are warrantied for 12 months where fitted to the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications and subject to the Terms and Conditions.

**Tank and cyclinders are warrantied for extended periods if the service regime is carried out in accordance with the requirements set out the Maintenance section of the Installation Instruction by a competent person or a Zip approved provider.

Service Work

Ad hoc Repairs by Zip or its approved Service Providers are covered under Warranty for 30 days in relation to the original fault only.

If you are a HydroCare Service Plan subscriber please refer to the HydroCare Terms and Conditions for information on applicable warranties and warranty periods for HydroCare Services.

If your Zip Goods or Services are not specifically mentioned above, the Warranty set out in the Terms and Conditions Clause 5 apply only on the day of delivery to the customer (save where Zip is required by applicable law to provide a more extensive Warranty).